What Size Mallet For Laminate Flooring?

What Size Mallet For Laminate Flooring? Quick Answer

What size mallet for laminate flooring should I buy? The most common type of laminate flooring is solid oak and is quite hard, so you will need to purchase a hardwood/laminate mallet in order to avoid damaging the surface.

If you’re going to install hardwood/laminate flooring, you can use a standard wood mallet. If you’re working with a laminate floor, you can also use a rubber or foam mallet for a more secure hold.

What size mallet for laminate flooring to use?

One of the most common questions that homeowners ask is what size mallet to use for a specific type of flooring. First of all, it’s important to determine the type of hardwood/laminate flooring that you’re installing.

Most hardwood or laminate floors are medium or hardwood. If you’re installing a new wood or vinyl floor, a softwood or foam mallet might be best.

Is a rubber mallet being good option When installing hardwood or laminate flooring?

When installing hardwood or laminate flooring, a rubber mallet isn’t always the best option. It can damage the finish of the floor or leave an unsightly rubber residue.

It can also cause burn marks. Wire brushing or sanding a hardwood or vinyl floor with a rubber mallet will also damage the texture. If you don’t know what size to buy, you can check out the product reviews.

What are Rubber Mallets And Engineered Wood Flooring?

If you are using rubber mallets, you should always check your installation technique and pay attention to the appearance of the floor. If you damage it, the warranty will not cover it.

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Moreover, it is a bad idea to use rubber mallets, as they can damage the wood flooring. If you want to avoid this, it is a good idea to buy a tapping block. It is available at home improvement stores and can be made from a scrap-end piece.

Can a rubber mallet cause damage to your floors?

A rubber mallet should be used with care. This tool will cause damage to your floors if you use the wrong type of mallet. The head of a rubber mallet should be at least 35 millimeters in diameter.

A soft rubber mallet should be used if your floor is too hard to handle. A medium-soft plastic mallet is best for laminate flooring. It’s important to check the thickness of the mallet before you begin tapping.

If you do not use a rubber mallet, you might cause more damage on your floor. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the look of your floor and adjust your installation method.

While it is possible to install engineered wood flooring without using a rubber mallet, it is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For this reason, manufacturers have recommended against using rubber mallets to prevent damage.


When you purchase a mallet, make sure it is the right one for the job. You can get a soft or hard rubber mallet. Those that are made of rubber will not damage your laminate flooring. They are more suitable for hardwood floors.

But make sure you read the manufacturer’s warranty and the instructions before using any new tools and equipment on your floors. These are the key factors that will determine which type of mallet is best for your floor.

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