What Does Oikawa Smell Like

What Does Oikawa Smell Like? FAQ

If you’re wondering what Oikawa smells like, you’re not alone. The manga and anime star has a distinctive scent, and his mother is from India. This article will tell you what the cologne smells like, what you can expect from Oikawa’s, and how to find it if you’re unfamiliar with the character. I’ll also explain how to find the cologne in the supermarket.

Who was Oikawa’s mother?

Ian and Oikawa fell in love while dating, and he called her nearly every day. Oikawa was very busy with her job as a lyricist. After the two fell in love, Oikawa asked him to come to Japan to see her. When he got to Japan, he asked her to pay for her passport, but she had some suspicions. Nevertheless, she paid the money and got her passport.

Iwaizumi’s mother was born in Goa, India. Her father was a tourist who visited Goa and had an Indian mother. As a child, Iwaizumi was teased by his classmates because she was not entirely Japanese. But Oikawa defended her by sneaking a paratha from her bento. Now, he is eating her paratha as much as he can.

What Oikawa’s cologne smells like?

It’s hard to say what Oikawa’s cologne smells like, but a woman can guess by looking at his body language. He wears a high-priced cologne. It’s a good bet that his last girlfriend dumped Oikawa because she couldn’t handle his passion for volleyball. Shittykawa, on the other hand, has a more simple explanation: Oikawa is a fan.

Kutani didn’t take Oikawa seriously in most cases, but he took his training very seriously. He’d practice serving until his legs gave out. And he’d find players who were more experienced than him to practice with. This way, he could share new techniques with the team. Regardless of the gender of the person, Oikawa never gave up on his dreams.

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What Oikawa tooru smells like?

The scent of Oikawa Tooru is well-known if a little over-rated. This Japanese character was hit by a pickup truck in Argentina, and his odor was very pungent. While he was alive, he died in the following accident. Despite this, his fans still remember him and are now remembered by his nose. What makes him smell so badly is unclear, but some theories exist.

One day, Oikawa Tooru walked into a library and spotted a girl reading. As he approached her, his back was turned, but he felt her excitement. He wore a sickly sweet grin underneath his grin, but it was only a disguise. Then, he planted his hands on the girl’s shoulders. As soon as he touched her, the girl shrieked, and the librarian shushed him. Other students gave him dirty looks.

What does Oikawa smell like?

You’ve come to the right place if you have ever wanted to know what Oikawa smells like. This cologne is inspired by the same name from the anime Naruto character. It smells just like the popular deodorant but with more subtle notes of lavender and lemongrass. Oikawa has a unique smell that will remind you of your close friends and loved ones.

Oikawa’s soft shirt reeks of love. He tells Iwaizumi that he knows how to smell love. Iwaizumi, being the sexiest man in the world, thinks it’s adorable that the cock knows what love smells like. As the sexy duo press up against each other, Iwaizumi’s voice gets hoarser by the minute.

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Oikawa is hot and makes Iwaizumi feel as though he’s intoxicated by it. Iwaizumi doesn’t want Tooru, but he doesn’t want Tooru either. The heat of the Oikawa is enough to entice him to go after her, but he’s a man of his words and has the willpower to resist his temptation.

What is Sugawara?

When a guy asks you what you smell like, you’ll probably reply with cologne, a soft perfume, or both. Sugawara prefers girls with long, wavy hair and dainty hands, while Oikawa goes for guys with big shoulders and broad arms. The guy’s cologne may not be very strong, but it’s likely to smell like a man.

A popular deodorant can be the culprit behind Oikawa’s bad smell. He’s been known for using it since high school. Oikawa, however, picks it up quite easily. She says the scent is intimidating and makes her look a threat. Despite that, Iwa isn’t the only one who hates the scent of Oikawa. Her boyfriend, Kyoutani, also smells like her.

Among the many different scents, tsukishima is like the smell of burnt toast slathered with butter. Kinoshita chikara smells like a log burning outside. Kiyoko Shimizu smells like freshly mowed grass. Hisoka Yachi is like the smell of coconut shampoo on freshly mowed grass. Shinsuke Kita smells like the first rays of the morning sun. Aran ojiro is like green tea scented with honey. Finally, Keiji futakuchi smells like a fresh block of clay waiting to be molded.


Oikawa’s cologne has a distinctive scent that Iwa and Kenma both adore. This cologne combines frosty and woody notes, including cedarwood and baltic amber. It also contains notes of lemongrass, coriander, and frosted mint leaf. This cologne is particularly popular among male students, often criticized for their sexy appearances.

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