Why Did Esther Rolle Always Wear Orange on Good Times?

Why Did Esther Rolle Always Wear Orange on Good Times?

It’s so weird that she wore orange on Good Times. It was her character’s color, but why did she have to wear orange on every episode? I remember that the other actors on the show were in their natural colors, and they never had to wear orange.

I think it’s because Esther Rolle is a very talented actress who knew what she wanted to do with her character. She played the part with such heart and soul that you couldn’t help but be drawn into her character’s life. She had such a great sense of humor that I don’t know if you can find another actress who could have pulled off the same character as Esther Rolle.

In contrast, I didn’t like Pam Grier as Honey. She seemed too much like a bad girl to me. She was a great actress, but I didn’t see any of the charms that Esther Rolle brought to her role.

How did the cast get along on the set?

The cast was a real family. We all got along so well. The cast was very tight-knit. It was almost like we were all living together. The only time I ever saw any tension between the cast members was when they were working on the show, and we were all trying to figure out how to get along.

What one word did Florida Evans repeat three times when James died?

Equally important, what one word did James say to Florida Evans before he died?

 “You’ll be sorry.” James said this to Florida before he died.

How did Esther Rolle react when she learned she won an Emmy for her role on Good Times?

I was very excited when I learned that I had won an Emmy for my role on Good Times. I was happy for myself and my mother. She was very proud of me. I felt like I was a big sister to her because she was the one who had raised me. I was so happy for her.

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I was also very happy for my brother, who was in the Army then.

Before being spun off to Good Times, Florida Evans was whose maid?

Florida Evans was the maid of

 Dorothy Dandridge.

Who was the first person to appear on Good Times?

Good Times was the first sitcom to have a regular black cast member. The first person to appear on Good Times was Dorothy Dandridge.

What was the name of the little girl who played the part of the daughter of the Evans family?

The little girl who played the part of the daughter of the Evans family was named Mabel.

Who was the last person to appear on Good Times?

The last person to appear on Good Times was Georgia Engel.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

 In fact, what was your favorite scene from Good Times?

My favorite scene to shoot was when Esther Rolle’s character, Esther, gets married. It was so funny and so touching. I loved the whole set.

What was your favorite episode of Good Times?

I loved the episode where Esther’s son, George, goes to jail for stealing a car. That was a great episode because it showed us what a wonderful person Esther was.

Who was your favorite guest star on Good Times?

My favorite guest star on Good Times was Jackie B. Jones. He was so funny. He was also so kind and sweet. He made the show.


There are many things about Good Times that I like. For example, I like how the show was able to show us the life of a typical African American family. I also like how the show had a lot of heart. I especially like the way that Esther Rolle played her character. I also wanted how the show could give us a look into the life of a single mother.

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One thing I don’t like about Good Times is that the show didn’t last very long. If the show had lasted longer, it would have been even better.



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